About Us

Wishing Wings Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in January 2020 by Ginger Summers a Boone County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). Being a CASA in my community gave me the insight to see the many challenges that youth in the system face as well as the families that they are placed with. Children within the foster care system face challenges every day and often go without proper resources or hope.

Wishing Wings has identified an area that is often neglected; teenagers in need.  Teens are often forgotten when it comes to donations, relocation needs, and other support. Youth are often relocated and forced to enroll in new schools and have little resources. I was not raised in the foster system but feel that I can relate with the youth when it comes to moving from home to home and starting new schools. By the time I was 18 years old, I had lived in 7 states and attended 8 different schools (2 elementary, 3 middle schools and 3 high schools) due to my dad’s job transfers. Starting over is challenging even when you are with your family but is even more when you have been removed and living at a new place where you know no one.  This stress can be reduced if the youth are dressed and prepared to fit in. It is the goal of Wishing Wings to prepare these unfortunate youth to succeed while in the system and be prepared when/if they are able to be reunified with their families.

Wishing Wings will provide clothing, shoes, seasonal wear, toys and additional specific gifts dependent on the situation. Additional support may be in the form of sports fee payments, high school dance attire, etc…

Youth in need will be sought out through Boone County CASA, Foster Care Agencies, Wishing Wings website, DCS, and word of mouth.

My long term goal for Wishing Wings is to be able to offer classes and activities for youth and a support circle for the kinship/foster families.

wishing wings Boutique

The boutique is free for youth in kinship placement or foster care within Boone County and surrounding counties. The emphasis of the boutique is on tweens/teen and their needs. Wishing Wings Boutique has sizes ranging from child size 5 to adult with teens in mind. Along with clothing, there are bedroom decorating options, new makeup and skincare products, shoes, jewelry, purses, bookbags, and so much more.  Youth in the foster system do not have much control and the goal of the boutique is to give them some of that control back with shopping.

Wishing Wings Boutique will be open the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9-2.

Location: Central Christian Church, 311 E. Main St, 2nd Floor, Lebanon, IN 46052

grant a wish

Foster families may not always be able to provide the “extras” for the youth in their care due to financial constraints. A wish could grant a school yearbook, prom ticket/attire, senior class ring, registration for camp, or an opportunity to participate in sports or music. Granting a wish helps provide opportunities and talents by developing self-esteem.








A child with a CASA volunteer is more likely to find a safe, permanent home. Boone County CASA