Wishing Wings Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization developed to help children being placed within the foster care system. Going to a new home without proper resources can be stressful and scary even for older kids who are often forgotten when it comes to donations, relocation needs, and other support. This is why Wishing Wings has identified teenagers in need as their area of focus. These children are often relocated and forced to enroll in new schools with very few resources. Often times, they know no one and have little if anything to take with them. Teenage foster youth often have the hardest time adjusting, especially if they have been in the system for multiple years.

There is an estimated 443,000 youth in foster care on any given day in the United States. Of those 443,000 youth, 20,000 will age out of foster care and never achieve permanency. In Indiana alone, there are an estimated 32,000 youth in foster care.

Wishing Wings is dedicated to providing clothing and essential items to meet the needs of youth that are in kinship placement or foster care in and around Boone County.

Wishing Wings was founded in January 2020 by Ginger Summers, a Boone County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). Being a CASA in her community gave Ginger the insight to see the many challenges that youth in the system face. Ginger has seen kids go to new homes with nothing more than the clothes on their back or a trash bag full of ill-fitting odds and ends.

Through the Wishing Wings program, Ginger hopes to make a real difference in the lives of teens by providing them with dignity as well as clothing and other essential resources.